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Clinical Systems

Helping clinicians at the point of care (Clinical Decision Support) and showing Risks and Chances at a glance in Big Data environments (Clinical Data Warehousing).

Kindergarten Portal

E-Government for improved user experiences.

Augmented Reality

Making indoor navigation and logistics easy.

cuviba is making itself known

On the 3rd of November, the Gründer- und Innovationstag "copycat" took place in the Villa am Paradies in Jena. One of the guests was cuviba's manager Dr. Marcus Komann. He presented the future projects of the company there. 

During the walk around the exhibition, Thuringia's Secretary for Economy and Science, Wolfgang Tiefensee (see foto by Markus Schmidt), and the president of the FSU Jena, Prof. Dr. walter Rosenthal visited cuviba's booth. They chatted with Dr. Komann about chances and the future in a relaxed atmosphere.

Wolfgang Tiefensee meets cuviba's manager Marcus Komann
Wolfgang Tiefensee meets cuviba's manager Marcus Komann [Picture: Markus Schmidt]

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